i'm not worried about me, i'm worried about them.

elizabeth couldn't have predicted what was to happen next. she could only sense that something was wrong. these agents, whoever they claimed to be, had no good intentions. a choice was given: take the drug in the shape of a pill or in the form of an injection. what would be willing, the other would be forced upon her. she knew one thing: nothing good could come from this. there seemed to be a distinct lack or respect for her, a lack of compassion and consideration. pleas were ignored, and although she remained calm and in control, those amethyst coloured eyes gave her away. it would have been easy to get into their minds, it would have been easy to get whatever she wanted but she knew that others were watching. she knew that this was recorded. using her powers would mean giving herself away, they would see the purple butterflies. they would know.

she couldn't give them a reason to fear mutants, although she was only thinking on a small scale. this wasn't a mutant problem. this was something much larger. she couldn't give them a reason to fear supers, although she was certain they'd already been given one. humans feared what they didn't understand, it had always been the case for mutants. elizabeth was all too familiar with the way these government programmes functioned. she had seen them before, she had seen mutants be taken and tortured, be killed in the name of science. how many deaths would it take before they were deemed equal?

no, their kind had already been endangered, elizabeth had seen their numbers dwindle to nothing. she had known the dangers of near extinction and she had done terrible things in order to assure the survival of their species. she needed to keep calm, she needed that self-control she had often been proud of.

please, tell them. they won't hurt us if you just tell them what they want to know.

quiet. ava was innocent to this world, she was terrified. she didn't know what these men were capable of doing. she thought that answers would gain her freedom. it wouldn't. they would want more, information was powerful and elizabeth knew better. she wasn't going to tell them about her kind, she wasn't going to say anything about supers, and she most certainly was not going to willingly take that drug they had presented her with. they'd have to let her go eventually, they couldn't keep her. they knew she was a respected professional, didn't they? that was the name she had used. not elizabeth, not psylocke, but dr. ava braddock. her name had pull, especially in the world of science. there had been whispers of her father who had been a renown research scientist. they'd have to let her go, they couldn't keep her.

perhaps using her name had been foolish but they already knew. she had picked up a few idle thoughts. they knew where she worked, they knew about her family. these men and women had done their research. they knew more than elizabeth was comfortable with. one thought to clear their minds, one thought to convince them to kill themselves.

no, she enjoyed the thrill of killing them herself, the physical aspect of it. she cared little to make zombies of people.

but it would take one thought to get herself out of this situation. it wouldn't erase their records, it wouldn't keep more of them from coming, but it would at least get her away from them now. one thought would give them fear, would show them just what she was capable of. and if that one thought was any indication of what she could do, they would certainly run their little experiments and see how many more thoughts before she levelled a city.

they couldn't be that stupid, they knew what they were risking. with all the information they had, she struggled to believe they would put their lives at risk. who was to say? the men before her could have been the bottom of the food chain and their lives could have been useless. nothing but bodies to throw at supers, to test them and see what they were capable of.

"i'm afraid i've to refuse, love. never been one for drugs." she raised a brow, a small smile on her lips as she watched one of the men. he was frustrated, probably just as tired as she was. this had been hours in the making, a day. more than a day? she lost track of time, it didn't matter. she only knew she had to waste their time while she searched for help. searching for minds, for the ones she could trust. the ones ava could trust. this was an entirely different world. she'd make connections, she'd ask for help. elizabeth knew she needed to leave before the situation escalated. she swallowed down the nerves, the urge to murder these men for forcing her in this situation. she just needed an out before it was too late.

help was coming, elizabeth knew she had to play nice for just a little longer. they couldn't find out about what she could do, they wouldn't. just a little longer, help was on the way. she knew they'd find her. something was wrong, they were moving and it seemed that despite the time she had tried to make for herself, the men were impatient. "what are you doing?" there was a hint of fear in her tone, enough to distract her as one of the men grabbed her arm and pulled her closer, immobilizing her so that he could jab a needle in her neck. elizabeth hissed out a breath as she looked at him, unaware of what he had given her. she knew it was some sort of drug but she didn't know what it would do.

"just relax, we'd like to keep you for observation." the man spoke to her, sitting at a table across from her. she watched him, her breathing deepened as the drug rushed through her system. he was going to regret that, that man would live to see the full effect of the drug on the mutant. he'd live just long enough to feel the initial blast of her psionic attack, his last view being a glowing purple butterfly.

      i could kill them all with a single thought.