All James Braddock had ever wanted was a son, an heir to his fortune. A renowned research scientist in Britain, he was a celebrity in his own right. Marrying at the age of thirty, Ava and her twin brother were born a little later that year on April 23rd. Her brother was the pride of the Braddock family, not that Ava was neglected but the favourite was obvious. His dream accomplished, a son for his heir, James was barely home. The children were raised by their nanny, and though Ava never developed a close bond with her parents, she grew very close to her twin brother. There was the occasional jealous when they were younger, Ava hated living in her brother’s shadow, but her twin never made her feel like an outcast. He was always glad to pull his sister into the sunlight with him. They were inseparable all throughout their childhood. That was until adolescence when the both of them were divided and attended private academies.

Ava was a star student, dedicating herself to her studies. A strict upbringing assured she’d have the discipline to commit to her studies. Secondary school was easy, too easy for her. It was easy to juggle a social life with her studies, the typical adolescence. As a matter of fact, nothing about Ava’s adolescence was exceptionally unique. There were the typical parties, first boyfriends, failed tests and lectures from her father. Nothing was particularly outstanding.

Nothing until the death of her parents in her early twenties. The Braddock twins were offered a Christmas funeral, and that became one of the most defining moments of Ava’s life. The death of her parents, the inheritance, the sudden distance she took from her twin. The death of her parents had affected her more than she thought it would have. There was a year taken from school, a year to travel the world and to decide what she wanted to do with her life. Rather, a year to party and have fun (something her twin brother did not quite approve of). That year took her to Amsterdam, and Ibiza, and finally to New York where she settled for a bit. It was there that Ava fell in love with the city and decided to settle. It wasn’t her first trip, she had gone a few times as a child on her father’s business trips but seeing it as an adult made her love New York. This was her home and London was all but forgotten. She decided to pursue her education in New York, modelling on the side while she made her way through school. It wasn’t that she particularly needed the money but modelling gave her some sort of attention that she enjoyed, attention that she couldn’t refuse.

New York came with a degree in psychology where Ava began to work in a rehabilitation facility as a counseling psychologist. It wasn’t a particularly glorious job, but it was good experience gained while she worked on opening her own practice. She had always been interested in the human condition, in how humans functioned, and this was something of a dream for her. Perhaps it was something she had gotten from her father, that curiosity. Ava spent a few years working in rehabilitation facilities before she opened her own private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This was her dream, her new life. Ava didn’t have to worry about living in her brother’s shadow or her father’s constant lecture. She disconnected from the world and found her own life where she could be the one in charge. She made a name for herself, at least as far as the medical world goes. Her father would have hated seeing that she hadn’t become a psychiatrist, maybe one of the reasons Ava loved it so much. She made her own decisions.

psylocke elizabeth braddock Sir James Braddock was a denizen of Otherworld, an other-dimensional realm. Merlyn sent James to Earth to father the champion, who would be known as Captain Britain. Arriving in England, Dr. Braddock became one of the United Kingdom's leading research scientists. James soon married and set up home in Braddock Manor. There, James created a highly advanced supercomputer he named Mastermind. Dr. Braddock and Mrs. Braddock had three children, Jamie Braddock Jr. (the eldest), and twins Brian and Elizabeth Braddock. When Betsy and Brian were in their early twenties, their parents were killed in an explosion, in Dr. Braddock's laboratory, caused by the malfunctioning computer Mastermind.

Brian Braddock pursued post-graduate studies in Physics at Thames University, while Betsy worked as a charter pilot. Soon after Brian became the hero Captain Britain, Betsy alerted him that their brother Jamie had been injured, while testing his racing car in the grounds of Braddock Manor, apparently an attack rather than an accident. Betsy flew Brian back to the Manor, but their plane was downed as they neared the crash by the psychic powers of Dr. Synne; luckily both inside survived the crash. Dr. Synne subsequently mind controlled Betsy into seeing her brothers as hideous monsters, causing her to attack them, but they managed to overpower her.

Betsy was taken to the nearby Morder Research Centre for treatment, unwittingly delivering her into the hands of one of Synne's agents, Dr. Ramsey. When Brian managed to defeat Synne, Ramsey reverted to his true allegiances as an agent of the Nazi Red Skull, taking both Betsy and Jamie as hostages. Both were subsequently freed by Captain Britain and his new ally, Captain America. It was after this that Betsy experienced her first reported psychic incident (there may have been earlier, unreported ones, but Synne's mind control appeared to have unlocked her psychic potential, allowing it to start to grow). Betsy had a visionary dream warning her of Brian's peril fighting the mad Lord Hawk.

Betsy quit the charter business and took up modeling. Some time later, with her psychic powers growing and after Brian had departed overseas to continue his studies, Betsy made mental contact with a S.T.R.I.K.E. Psi agent (S.T.R.I.K.E. being Special Tactical Response for International Key Emergencies, the U.K.'s equivalent of the U.N.'s S.H.I.E.L.D. agency), and was soon recruited by Agent Matthew (later renamed Gabriel), with whom she pursued a brief romance. Betsy subsequently became the lover of fellow psi, Tom Lennox. Maintaining her modeling career as a cover, at one point, Betsy attempted to infiltrate the Hellfire Club, where her father had been a member of the London Branch's Inner Circle, holding the position of Black Bishop, for S.T.R.I.K.E., but was warned off by Tessa. Betsy had lost track of her brother for many years while he was adventuring in America and other dimensions, but he returned in time to save her life when she and her fellow S.T.R.I.K.E. Psi's were targeted for assassination by Slaymaster, who had been hired by the crimelord, Vixen, to cover her takeover of the agency. Betsy, Tom, and the sole other survivor of the Psi Division, Alison Double, sought refuge with Brian in Braddock Manor, but had to flee there after a battle between Brian, his allies (the Special Executive), and the hero killing, extra-dimensional, cybiote the Fury.

With the insane mutant reality-warper, Mad Jim Jaspers, taking over the country, the group sought to hide out in London. While in London battling Crimson Dynamo, Betsy shared a intimate night with Hercules. Later, Tom was killed and Betsy and Alison captured by government forces. The two women ended up in a concentration camp until Jaspers' reign was brought to an end, partially through the efforts of her brother. Betsy, who had been in mental contact with Tom when he died, met and convalesced under the care of Victoria Bentley, an old friend of Dr. Strange and the Black Knight, at the camp and Victoria not only helped her heal, but taught her to harness the trauma she had felt, using it to develop and strengthen her psi powers. [...]

incentives mutant powers
Psylocke is a mutant and has been reborn "better" by her brother Jamie. Her full potential was unlocked by Jean Grey from Earth-295, and she is now an Omega Level Mutant, thanks to her vast telepathic powers, on a par with Jean Grey and Charles Xavier. She is also a "burgeoning" Omega-Level Telepath and was later stated to be the third most powerful telepath on Earth (without counting Stryfe).
          • force fields
          • telekinetic weapon arsenal
                    telekinetic katana
                    telekinetic crossbow
                    telekinetic bow and arrow
                    telekinetic spiked flail
                    telekinetic claws
          • tactile telekinesis
          • telepathic tracking
          • psionic shadow
          • psionic knife
          • mind control
          • telepathic illusions
          • telepathic scanning
          • mental paralysis
          • amnesia
          • psionic blasts
          • psionic immunity
          • astral projection
• 🔒precognition
abilities • 🔒master martial artist
• 🔒master telepathic combatant
advanced telekinetic combatant
items & equipment • 🔒shurayuki
• 🔒blue team costume
• 🔒utopia costume
• 🔒x-force costume
• 🔒x-force costume v2
• 🔒death horseman of apocalypse costume
• 🔒marvel now costume
• 🔒all new all different costume
memories • 🔒memories of psylocke
• 🔒memories of captain britain
• 🔒memories of x-men
• 🔒memories of kwannon
• 🔒memories of uncanny x-force
• 🔒memories of otherworld
traits purple eyes
• 🔒lack of sorrow
pets & companions • 🔒demon bear locations otherworld
braddock manor

tie-in's • They both have a fondness for the colour purple.
• They both share the name Braddock.
• They both have roots in London.
• They both have twin brothers.
• They both lost their parents in their early twenties.
• They both share a birthday (April 23).
• The family fortune.

status Veiled.

playlist • Gonna make dis shit pretty later k.

strengths Ngl she's pretty awesome. weaknesses Power Limitation: The downside of her new powers is that the strength of her telepathic and telekinetic powers depend on how much she is using the other. Using two powers at once makes it hard for her to focus and lowers their level of power. For instance if she is using her telekinesis, her telepathy is limited to only reading and broadcasting thoughts and at the time, she is unable to utilize her other telepathic skills. Aside from this, her previous resistance to both reality manipulation and telepathy seemed to tarnish after the Red Queen's manipulation and she can now be detected by electronic devices.